Free Online Advertising Methods That Really Work

If you spend a healthy amount of time on the web, then you might find it to be full of hidden niches and secrets. Identifying these niches isn't always easy and many mistakes can be made and a lot of time can be wasted. Here are some free online advertising methods that really work and don't consume much time: The first best way to get direct traffic and views would be posting on craigslist. Craigslist happens to have a high volume of traffic every day and posting something may just take you 5 minutes. Depending on your business, you find the category and post a short but sweet advertisement to bring customers straight to your website. Simply stay away from the categories that aren't free, post an image to stick out of the other posts and wait for responses. The second great way to advertise for free is with article marketing. All you need is a little bit of writing skill and knowledge about your business. Post articles that are related to your business and always link back to your website with a good keyword. You would be creating links to your site that will help your search engine positioning and also hope that your articles are good enough that people would repost it. You can also repost these articles yourself which would consume more time, but definitely help with more links and visitors. The other ways to advertise for free are a bit more time consuming, but give valuable returns on the long run. These three techniques are SEO, blogging and social media marketing. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization takes the longest, but needs to be implemented as soon as you begin advertising anything else. The more links go to your website the higher you will rank, but ONLY when you set the right keywords into your site, also known as on-site SEO. Blogging will contribute to SEO and also generate a fan base of subscribers and customers that want to keep track of your business. Blogging will also help generate followers for your social media campaigns.

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