Dog Sniffer Mobile App – A Website to App Development

Ever wanted to develop a mobile application version of a WordPress website using HTML, jQuery and CSS? Well, it's possible. The Dog Sniffer App is a mobilized version of, that allows browsing of listings based on your Geolocation, Registration and Sign In, as well as reviewing of listings that then populate the website - real time.

DogSniffer Android App

Currently Available on the Google Play Store from Android devices, you can download this Free App and access all of Dog Sniffers features:

Mobile App Features

Although still in Development Progression, the currently live App contains most features available on the Dog Sniffer browser application itself.

  • Search Listings by Category, Geolocation, Keyword
  • Toggle Results between Map and List View.
  • Access Directions, Map, Related Listings and Reviews of individual listings.
  • Register directly through the App on Dog Sniffer, or sign in using an existing account.
  • Submit your own listings or rate and review existing ones in real-time.
  • and much more to come!

Coming Soon

Many other features that are currently on will soon be made available on the Dog Sniffer App's upcoming releases.

Step-by-Step App Development Tutorial

In the coming weeks I intend to publish tutorials of the necessary steps taken to accomplish each aspect of the Application.

Starting with the choices of jQuery Frameworks to the Uploading to PhoneGap Build, as well as generating of iOS development certificates, to synchronizing with your WordPress website.

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I'm a developer at Maximus Business.
  • htethtet
    If the chance would have it, i want to learn ur development of Dog Sniffer Mobile App – A Website to App Development but I am naive in wordpress and phonegap, to build such kind of phone application is only just the dream and can't do with my current skills. So, I am dying to follow ur guidance - "Step-by-Step App Development Tutorial" . Thank u for ur support

    Said on Aug 24, 2015 by htethtet - Reply
  • htet htet
    I am dying to follow ur Step-by-Step App Development Tutorial series.

    Said on Aug 24, 2015 by htet htet - Reply
  • TIm
    Wo bleibt das Tutorial ?

    Said on Apr 10, 2016 by TIm - Reply

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