Importing Custom Options & Tier Pricing in Magento

Another highly seeked Magento import feature that Magmi easily takes care of is the importing of custom options and tier pricing.

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Import Custom Options

Product Custom Options

To import custom options, one has to add a column with the column heading stating the custom option name, type, whether its required or not and, optionally, the sorting number, separated by colons: [Name]:[Type]:[Is Required]:[sort number]. For example, to add a custom option to product called "Product Size", with a radio button selection that is required, it would look like: Product Size:radio:1.

Below that, options are added to a cell per product row, separated with a vertical line: Option 1|Option 2|Option 3. For the example, our sizes would then be Small|Medium|Large.

To attach a price change, first decide whether the price will have a fixed or percentage price change, identical to the default Magento custom options behaviour. So, to make the first price match the product price, and to add a $2 change per size increase, it would look like: Small:fixed:0.00|Medium:fixed:2.00|Large:fixed:4.00.

Optionally, you can import the custom option SKU and sort number by adding those to the syntax: Small:fixed:0.00:[sku]:[position]|Medium:fixed:2.00...

Several other methods are described on the Magmi Wiki page.

Import Magento Tier Pricing

Magento Product Tier Pricing

Importing Tier Pricing in Magento is as easy as the above method if not easier. You can include multiple customer groups per product in an import, each column being its own customer group. A column header for tier pricing looks like: tier_price:[customer_group]. For all customer groups, including logged out users, you would use tier_price:_all_ in the column header, or for a specific group, which you can add in addition to other tier pricing columns, it could look something like tier_price:wholesale.

For each of these columns in the product row, simply state the minimum quantity and the price, separated by a column, and each price step by a semicolon. So, to make a price per product become $4.99 if the quantity is 12 or above, and make it $4.49 when its 24 or above, you would write 12:4.99;24:4.49 in the products cell under the corresponding group column.

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  • Artin
    Thank you for the great article. But I was actually looking for a step-by-step article that explains how to export products with custom options. I have about 1500 products (all with custom options), that were all entered from within the Magento admin panel over time. Now I need to export all of them, so that I can easly make price adjustments or change the product names, etc. I found several articles similar to this one that explain how to import custom options, but I can't find a solid article that explains how to export products with custom options. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Said on Feb 11, 2013 by Artin - Reply
  • Maude Couteaux
    Hello, Artin i m in the same case as you, have you managed to find a solution to this problem, i have been working on it in vain for the last two weeks

    Said on Apr 14, 2013 by Maude Couteaux - Reply
  • Lucien Laffargue
    Hello, Artin! I know a step-by-step explanation that that shows you how to export products with custom options. And here is an article on this topic

    Said on Sep 12, 2013 by Lucien Laffargue - Reply
  • Andrew
    Great article, thank you! For those who are looking for particular examples of formating, check out this cheat sheet. It contains explanations and examples easy to copypaste. Also, you guys who looking for a way to export custom options, check this, might work fine for you.

    Said on Nov 14, 2013 by Andrew - Reply
  • Manoj Sonawane
    Hi sir , thanks nice tutorial , you have i have following issue we uses configurable product with color and size attribute , when we select any attribute according it price change of simple config product , but in top of product their discount percentage not change in view page in, how can we do this or achieve , please give me reply as soon as , for your reference link below.

    Said on Feb 19, 2014 by Manoj Sonawane - Reply
  • Amydu
    Do I not need to map the Size: column with any field in the "advanced" tab? I have "sku" and "Size:drop_down:1:2" columns in my csv file but I can't figure out how to map the size column.

    Said on Apr 10, 2014 by Amydu - Reply
    Hello Sir, Very Very thanks. You article solved my big problem. I tried 2 days for import custom option.

    Said on Dec 10, 2014 by CHANDRA BHUSHAN - Reply
  • Stefan
    I suggest another way that extends default Magento Tier Price function by allowing admins to define tier prices as a percentage. That is using a Magento extension called Percentage Tier Price, you can check it out at:

    Said on Dec 14, 2016 by Stefan - Reply

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