Why US Should Invest On Web Projects Before Dollar Value Decreases

What to invest before Dollar Value DecreasesWith the US economy on its feet and speculations whether to invest in precious metals, currencies, bonds or tangible goods to secure a good investment over this current crisis, one thing you may want to consider is investing in the digital world.

When the dollar decreases, not only will products prices rise, but so will some of the service fees for many web services. Some of the best online developments in the US aren't actually produced in the US and instead are outsourced to developing countries, such as India, Vietnam or the Philippines, where you find a great deal of passionate developers who are willing to work longer and harder to give the best quality designs and functions for US web market. Yet, these skilled developers still rely on the strength of the US dollar to be spending that much time there.

Many of these 'outsourced' workers, whether web development, SEO or other types of web services are able to choose where they want to work, since their work happens online. This includes picking strong economies, such as the US, UK, Australia, or other language countries, such as Germany, France and others (assuming they speak the language).

The US, due to its strong market had the privilege to attract the worlds best web developers and marketers, generating a very competitive web market, especially in those focusing on the cities, and made the US a very advanced advertising culture. In some other countries, for example, the term SEO (or the idea of search marketing itself), hasn't made its reputation yet.

The falling of the dollar will stimulate webmasters around the world to switch their markets to one more reliable with higher currency conversion or simple to be involved in a currency that is more promising, which in theory, disregards the Dollar & probably the Euro. Although the dollar, being the reserve of many currencies, may shake other strong markets, it still gives webmasters the opportunity to jump into soon-to-be less competitive web markets.

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Currently, the most outsources and cheap service is SEO, since SEO involves link building and repetitive submissions in order to gain rankings and more traffic. In the US, a lowest daily rate would be about $60-80, which the average American webmaster may create 20-50 good quality links (depending on the link source). With outsourcing, the typical daily rate would be $10-20 (even less) and will likely be better quality due to passionate work. When the dollar falls, these services will be less likely available at the quality and rate.

Businesses with a good quality website and good natural rankings, would be safe in their positions and should invest in tangible goods, but for those who rely on cheap development and marketing, I suggest to make a move soon. Taking advantage of this before it's too late will help be ahead of the market as soon as it recovers.

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