Facebook Fan Pages – An Essential Marketing Component

Facebook Fan Pages Marketing

Although many of us have been using the internet for our amusement, information source and communication tool for years now, you would be surprised how many people just recently started. Many people have grown up with computers, especially the ones that are in their mid 20's, but if you ask someone over 35-40 years old, you may notice that he/she didn't have the privilege of growing up with one. Instead, those individuals had to study computers, how to use it, while people under 25 just 'know' it.

If there was one invention that made many people more active on the internet, it was Facebook. Facebook engaged many of the older age groups to get on the PC, learn how to register and start posting their own little status posts. Who hasn't encountered a 60 year old lady sending you a 'Farmville' invite? For many Facebook users, Facebook is all they use and Facebook is what they trust. Its driven by humans so this is where a Facebook Fan Page for your business comes in.

A Facebook Fan Page is a very important marketing component to have. It is the gateway between your business and Facebook. Setting up your business's Facebook Page will allow your friends, your friends' friends and complete strangers follow whats going on in your business. This opens up a whole new range of potential costumers and clients. The Facebook Fan Page is one of the main strategies in social media campaigns. This is the trick:

When creating your Facebook Fan Page, try using a 'like-able' slogan, instead of just a dry business name. Users will have much more initiative to join a group that is called "Protect your Cars and keep them Clean!" than a group called "AAC Car Covers". Thinking like a Facebook user will help more than thinking like a customer. Once you have your group going, keep posting, because the more you post, the more people may stumble across your group, which results in new followers.

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