Internet for Democracy – Anonymous & Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall StreetIf you haven't heard about the current movements yes, then now is a good time to get updated. In 2010, a hacker organization declared war on corruption and what is known as the New World Order. After successfully attacking some major corporations, such as Visa, Paypal & Mantech (a company that protects Governments from Cyber attacks - obviously incompetent for that) as well as successfully breaking and leaking information from Government websites, e-mails and more, Anonymous has gained a high volume of followers.

"Anonymous is not a group of people - Anonymous is an idea."

With Anonymous and Wikileaks, who have successfully exposed Governments around the world, and a new movement called "Occupy Wall Street", that has been active since September 17, 2011, we are now seeing a revolutionary change. Over thousands are occupying Wall Street and resisting heavy police brutality, yet the masses for democracy grow.

Another movement is moving in another business metropolitan, Los Angeles, which is to start on October 1st in Downtown Los Angeles. All this is happening with the mainstream media completely censoring these events, which is understandable, as they wouldn't want the protests to grow, although it is now, due to this fact. It is no question, that the Elite have seen this coming and are not only worried about the people protesting, but the awakening of the masses.

Another concern for the Elite and Wall Street bankers, is Ron Paul, who has also been heavily censored. With his book "End The Fed" being held up high during protest marches on Wall Street, as well as a lot of funding from private investors, the Elite will be facing yet another challenge to maintain their sphere of influence.

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