10 Steps to Get the Most Out Of Your Blog

If you want to get the most out of your blog, than just setting one up and writing isn't quite enough. To maximize your blogs potential, you want to be sure to place the blog and its RSS on all possible free and worthy web resources. Also, combining your blog with social media is a strategical must. Here are the 10 most important steps to do before launching your blog. 1. Set up your blog, design and layout. Be sure to have all important categories ready to go. 2. Burn your RSS feed with feedburner. 3. Create Facebook Page for Your Blog and connect it to your RSS so it automatically updates. 4. Create a Twitter for your Facebook Page and connect both of them. Your twitter should automatically post your blog title and link after every post on Facebook. 5. Create a Follow Us menu on your blogs sidebar with feedburner and social media buttons. Visitors should be able to subscribe to the blog via RSS, E-mail or by following the blog on Facebook or Twitter. 6. Submit your blogs RSS feed to the search engines, especially Google, Yahoo and Bing. 7. Submit your blog to the top 10 free blog directories. Paying for submissions isn't necessary. 8. Submit your blog to the top 5 podcast sites (if you intend to post video blogs). 9. Submit your RSS feed to the top 10 RSS directories. 10. Ping your RSS feed with the top 10 RSS ping sites. Now that everything is in place, one blog post will automatically generate visitors. All you have to do now, is keep posting. This blog is also featured on http://www.alltop.com. A popular but more exclusive blog directory. Featured in Alltop Contact blog@maximusbusiness.com for more information on online business marketing.

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