The Best Days & Times to Post on Your Blog, Twitter or Facebook

business_on_mondays Let's face it, not everyone is on Facebook at 2 am in the morning. If you are looking to get the most views out of your blog or social media posts then you may want to think twice before posting a hard worked article on a Sunday morning. Especially if you are writing business posts, you want to avoid the weekends. According to statistics and experiences of fellow posters, these are the best days and times to post:
- the favorite day for the workaholics and the not so favorite day for those who arrive in the office after an exhausting party weekend. Mondays are just to hectic and busy for most people. Leaning back and enjoying a new blog post or link on Facebook is just not an option. And as soon as workers get out of the office after a long Monday, following up on their favorite business blogs may not sound as soothing.
Avoid submitting your posts on a Monday morning or if possible not on a Monday at all.
A Tuesday is not quite the end of the week, but is definitely less busy than a Monday for most of us. This is a great day to post the best topics, especially as the day reaches an end. Post after 3 pm, or if possible after 4. This is when people in the office slowly start to drift away from work and start checking out the Facebook updates and blogs. Don’t post right after 6pm, since this is often the time when employees make their way out.
Tuesdays, between 4-6 pm, are good days to reach people in the office.
The middle of the week causes a lot of mixed emotions on job. Some are excited to have survived the first few days and others may be depressed to not have accomplished enough. Still, many are going to drift away after working through the 2:30 pm feeling and start surfing after 3 pm.
Wednesdays are good days to reach a wide range of readers. Post in the afternoon when things slow down. Best time after 4pm.
Save your most anticipated posts for a Thursday. If there is one day of the week where an employee feels the urge to follow up on his/her favorite blog and social news sites, it’s a Thursday. Anytime after 3 pm, when the offices slow down, would be a good time to post your updates.
Thursdays are good days to post updates. Best time is between 3-4 pm.
When the end of the week approaches, things get surprisingly hectic. This day includes analyzing the week’s activities and sales, planning out the next week and sometimes also paycheck day. People are way too anxious on a Friday to sit down and enjoy your posts.
Not a good day to post. Save it as a draft and post it at a better time.
The weekend is usually not a good time to make people think. Save these days for some fun facts or for related posts. The last thing someone wants on a weekend is a spam post or stressful business topic.
Keep it friendly on Saturdays. Avoid important news.
Stay away from business posts on a Sunday. People are sad enough that the weekend is over, but some of us may get excited. Still, recovery and mental preparation is the goal a day before Monday, so you better have something related to say.
Sundays are not a good day to post about your business.

Overall, the best days to post are Tuesdays to Thursdays between 3-4 pm. Get your newsletters, best topics and social media updates prepared for these days to maximize your potential reach and visitors.

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