Three Steps to Make Your Website Look Professional

Professional Business Website Developer

There are many ways to design a bad website. A real business web developer can look at a website and say how it is created, what programming languages used and how much the site is worth. Not only should a online business developer be able to evaluate a web business site, but also create a site that will generate revenue.

How does a business know how a successful online business look like? It's easy. Simply look at the most successful online business websites today, determine the most important key concepts and voila: We determine the three steps to make your website look professional and reduce bounce rate. The three most important steps to a professional website are a successful corporate looking but simple layout, a friendly theme created by a good choice of colors and organized content, to make it easy for the visitor to embrace the site.

How to Achieve a Corporate, Professional & Friendly Layout The layout is the frame of a picture, including the strokes that capture the colors. After stumbling across several thousand successful sites over a long period of time, it's safe to say that these key layout concepts will make your business website look professional:
  • The Logo: Your logo is one of the most important branding tools for your online business. Put it on the top left corner of your website, and make sure it stands alone, away from the busy area of the site.
  • The Menu: The navigation has to be on the top/left or top/right. Make the main links/categories to navigate your site below the logo. If you have a subcategories, place these in a type of drop down menu below the main categories or even in a side bar. Make it clear where your site can navigate to & get creative with it.
  • The Sub-menu: Have a sub-menu on the bottom of your website, with the breakdown of your website, site-map, FAQ's, legal documents and unimportant links. This will impact the visitor experience dramatically and help with SEO.
How to Create a Experience Enhancing, Professional Business Website Theme The trick is, to stick to friendly colors. A friendly color is a light color, white itself, light blue, etc. The background is one of the most important factors of a website. Keep the colors similar to each other and don't make the website too wild. Try a gradient background or a pattern. A gradient color in the menu enhances the design. Having a professional graphic designer to help you with this step may be a time saver. Making Content Look Professional (even if it might not be) The content on your website is pretty much why your visitors are there on the first place. So keep your topics organized and make sure it's filed correctly. Here are the most simple steps to keep your content professional:
  • Add a Graphic: A graphic included in every plain text will always make it look better.
  • HTML Tags: Don't forget to add italic and bold withing your paragraphs. And break down your content like in an essay.
Follow these steps when creating your website and content to achieve a professional business website experience.

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