3 Ways to Auto Post Blog Updates to Twitter and Facebook Pages

If you are consistent blogger who maintains one or several Twitter and Facebook Pages then automatic publishing features become essential. There are a few ways to achieve this automation, each a bit more complex than the other, therefore we begin with the easiest method.

Currently, there is no convenient way to auto-post blogs to Google Plus. If you are looking for an easy way to update Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, independent from your blog posts, then I suggest Google Plus Plus (G++), a Chrome browser plugin. Otherwise subscribe or follow us for updated methods.

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1. Posting to Twitter via Google FeedBurner

This is likely to be the most non-coder-friendly method and enables easy implementation.

Google Feedburner

First, create a FeedBurner account with you Gmail or use an existing one to then burn your feed.

Next, after burning your feed to Feedburner and going through the basic setup, click Publicize > Socialize to then add your Twitter account.

Auto Post Tweets to FacebookThe last bit may be the easiest as many of you may have encountered this feature when creating your Twitter account. While logged in your Twitter, find your profile settings and connect your Facebook and Twitter via the Post pour Tweets to Facebook feature. Once your accounts are connected, you will be given the option to post on one page.

After the above steps, each blog post will auto feed your Twitter, which then feeds your Facebook in the form of a Tweet.

2. Auto-Post to Facebook with NetworkedBlogs

NetworkedBlogs is a Facebook App that allows you to subscribe to feeds that have been submitted to it. You are able to submit multiple feeds and auto-post these feeds to multiple Facebook Pages once claimed.

Add the App to your Facebook account by searching 'NetworkedBlogs' in Facebook when you are logged in.

Facebook NetworkBlogs for Auto-Posting

After adding the App, you can register your blog via its link and then adding feeds from your your blog that you want to to feed to your Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Verify WordPress Blog on NetworkedBlogs

To verify the WordPress blog choose to install the widget and use the first code given. You can implement this on your WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Widgets, and can be removed after verification.

After the blog has been verified, you can easily sync its feed with multiple Facebook Pages that you are the admin of, as well as auto-tweet blog posts to your twitter accounts.

Continue to 3. Using the Facebook & Twitter API to Auto Post

3. Facebook & Twitter API

The most orthodox way of auto-posting to your social media is via the Facebook & Twitter API, that include the implementation of Open Graph Meta-Data, API codes, Tokens and a solid understanding of implementation. Of course, there are plugins that can do this for you.

The benefit of using this method is that you will have more features than just the auto-posting. You can have the feature to also auto feed comments on these posts that are on Facebook and Twitter to the post on the blog, or the ability to comment via Facebook and Twitter and so on.

The adding of Open Graph meta data can be easily achieved with many plugins or even done manually - but for the feature to auto post I can recommend Simple Facebook Connect by Otto.

Lastly, Facebook just got a new feature to allow posting from a Facebook Page directly to Twitter, which, like all the other methods, can be used in a cross-combination.

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    You mentioned that it's possible to send WordPress postings marked as a specific category only to a certain Facebook page, Twitter account, and so on. I've set up NetworkedBlogs, but I don't see an option for anything like that.

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      Its under the Syndication link on your NetworkedBlog app on your dashboard.

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