What’s all the Buzzes & Waves about Google+?

It’s about time Google! After climbing the ladder of Web Browsers with Google Chrome; Taking on Microsoft & Apple with the Cloud OS and startling the Smartphone Market with the Android, you’ve finally decided to take on Facebook. Yeah, Google+ has arrived (Guess Google Buzz didn’t do the trick). Not to mention, Google is still untouched in the search engine market. But how will Google+ do in the social media field? Still being its beta phase, Google+ has already grown over 18 million users within its 4 weeks of opening and it’s just a matter of time until Facebook freaks out (if they haven’t already).google plus + Then again, who uses Google+? Speculators expect it to be mostly filled with Geeks, Businesses trying to get an early start, Social Media Junkies, Marketers and so forth – sounds kinda like Twitter. Rumors of better privacy on Google+ and Facebook losing more and more active members have led people to believe that the tables may turn (reports state it has lost 6 million users in May in the US only). Now, we just have to convince Grandmas and Grandpas to switch, and those considerably unsavy on the web – like those who go online just for Facebook. Either way, at this point Google+ is only filtering out the more web oriented surfers & businesses, leaving the stalkers and jealous couples behind. (also see: How many people must join Google+ before Facebook totally freaks out (or has it already)? & Google+ 'celebrity acquisition plan' = 'idiot acquisition plan') Let’s wait and see if we have another great Google product, or just another one-hit-friendster.
I'm a developer at Maximus Business.
  • Aztex
    Google and social media don't mix well. Wave and Buzz failed but G+ will probably stay. Most probably the business community will keep it alive and going but FB will not lose its value as a family and friends network. Crowd don't follow the market, market comes to where crowd is.

    Said on Dec 18, 2011 by Aztex - Reply

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