WordPress Review & Rating Plugin for Products & Customers

After several tutorials that have been published here previously, regarding a Member/BuddyPress compatible WordPress review plugin, a new plugin is now available that may be suitable for customer ratings.


WP Review Plugin Features

The plugin is still in its early stages, so many more features will be added. As usual, any feature requests, feedback or found errors are much appreciated.

The following features are currently incorporated into the plugin:

Rating Custom Post Types (e.g. Product Ratings)

This WordPress review plugin integrates ratings within the comment form of any post type. Simply choose the post types from the plugin options and, if a comment form is displayed on those posts, the rating fields will display as well.

BuddyPress Compatible & Member Only Reviews

The rating fields are currently inserted below the comment form default fields, but above the comment text area itself. The customization for WordPress member username and avatar display is therefor inherited from the comment design. In addition, restricting the rating option to members only can also be set, by setting the commenting ability itself, to members only.

Display User Rating above Reviews

author-rating-output-sampleThe submitted ratings of users are auto-displayed above the comment/review text on live comments. At the moment, the suggested way to change the display of this is through CSS with the .author-rating class.

To remove or modify the output in the code, add remove_filter( 'comment_text', 'mage_display_comment_rating'); to your functions.php file.

Upload Your Own Rating Icons

You can customize the rating icons easily to replace the default star icons by uploading the image or entering the image URL for both the default, non-selected state and the hover, selected state. Both images should be 16x16 pixels in size.


Customize Maximum Rate Value

The reviews rating value can be set from the admin options or defaults to 5. The chosen rating icons are then adjusted across rate fields, author and average ratings accordingly (e.g. only 3 stars will display).


Note: The average rating does not recalculate until new reviews are submitted or old ones modified or deleted.

Average Rating Display via Shortcode, Template Tag or Auto-Insert

After every submitted review that is approved, as well as after editing, deleting a comment/review from the admin side, the average rating is calculated. This can then be displayed by using any of these methods.

WordPress Review Plugin Usage & Updates

For some examples of this plugins customization and display possibilities visit Dogsniffer.com. Feel free to provide feature requests and suggestions below. For bugs and/or error support refer to the Mage Review support forums.

I'm a developer at Maximus Business.
  • Amrish
    Hi, I am looking for a rating plugin Using which I could Insert rating system In between the post . Any where I want . Currently I am making a blog related to movies so I want to add a rating system between the post . Is their any plugin available that I could use ? I also want one click Integration using the dashboard

    Said on May 17, 2014 by Amrish - Reply
  • Narasimha
    Hi.. i liked your plugin very much ...but can you please tell me how to customize it as you did it in dogsniffer.com .... it is very neatly done in that website and i'm in requirement of exactly the same thing...kindly help me out...

    Said on Nov 11, 2014 by Narasimha - Reply

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