Advertise on Billboards To Reach Your Target Demographic

Billboard Advertising BannerBillboard advertising has long been a great way to reach the masses on a daily basis.  Unlike television or radio, billboard advertising can’t be turned off.  And with billboards available across the United States, it’s easy to make a big impact with a decent budget.

Billboard advertising is just one advertising format in the category of outdoor advertising (also known as out of home advertising), which includes bus, bench, bus stop, airport, mall, train and gas station advertising, to name a few.  Out of home advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising formats in the United States because it reaches the masses on a daily basis.  Both Fortune 500 companies and government agencies use outdoor ads to reach their target demographic.

Most companies allocate about 10% to 20% of their advertising budget to outdoor and the rest to other advertising formats, such as TV, radio, internet and print.  These advertisers find that this allocation yields the highest rate of return on their overall advertising budget.

Industries that succeed with outdoor advertising include financial services, consumer products, lifestyle, and technology companies.

To advertise on billboards or other outdoor advertising formats, contact an outdoor advertising company to obtain a free quote.

  • Nick Simard
    Agreed, and billboards are the only source to opt-in in a limited budget to run a successful advertising campaign and generate leads.

    Said on Jul 6, 2012 by Nick Simard - Reply

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