Top 5 Free SEO & Analytics Tools (Also for Competitor Analysis)

Looking for the best SEO & Analytics tools to make your marketing tracking easier, but do not want to spend money on it? Well it just so happens to be that some of the most popular tools are free, or at least has a free version of some sort. In this new SEO epidemic, we must rely on the best analytic tools & software to gain a competitive advantage in client updating and progress reports. But with all these new software and tools coming out on a daily basis, what tools are really the most relevant and worth using? Let's take a look at the websites worth using:


First on the list, we have, probably the fastest way to track competitors. You don’t need any special codes, or html know-how, you simply type in the URL’s of up to 3 competitors (up to 5 if you sign up) and you get instant graphs of traffic, keywords, traffic sources and Pros:
  • Quick and easy method of tracking competitors
  • Displays enough information to know who is doing well in the market
  • The data is not always very accurate
  • Expensive upgrade to Compete Pro


Next on the list, we have Website Grade, which is a popular SEO On-Site Optimization Checker. With constant updates, they manage to keep up with market changes and grade a website based on the Search and Social Media standards. Their most recent add-on is their Mobile Compatibility testing, forcing many webmaster to update their CSS for a better rating. And most importantly, their service is free with no membership grader Pros:
  • Perfect to test your Onsite SEO
  • It’s hard to get a high rating, so this may fire up some of your clients (especially those ones that don’t know much about it)

#3: Yahoo Web Analytics

Number 3 on the list is Yahoo Web Analytics. Yahoo’s Analytics app, which is quite similar to that of Google, takes a bit more HTML know-how to implement into your site. After installation, you will only be able to track your own site, but with very detailed information. This includes: Traffic sources, Keywords you were found on, Page Views & more.Yahoo Web Analytics Pros:
  • Detailed information on You Own Site’s Analytics
  • Does not have basic plug-in features in most CMS Systems, such as Magento, OS Commerce, etc.

#2: Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

One of the most popular Analytics & SEO Tool combinations is Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, so we can gladly list this in position 2, of our Top 5 Free SEO & Analytics Tools. Again, manual installation is required for this software, but the features you get are essential. With Google Analytics, you will be able to track Daily Visitors, Traffic Sources, Visitor Locations (In a very sleek designed Map widget), Page Views & Duration, Bounce Rate (important feature) & more, but this all in a very simple to use & designed front-page. You can also track E-Commerce conversions (great for those with high volume of sales a day). And with Webmaster Tools (which you can combine with Analytics, since both are also usually under one Google Account) you can track your incoming links, keyword significance and current analytics Pros:
  • Almost all popular CMS have an easy Google Integration plug-in, making installation easy, even for E-Commerce Tracking
  • Very Accurate Google Data on Analytics
  • Not so accurate PPC / Organic Data from Bing & Yahoo (not a surprise)
  • Because this tool is free, your Webmaster tool may have some inaccurate or delayed Data in rankings and links (sometimes over 30 days late)

#1: Google Webmaster Tools

Finally, number 1 on the list of Top SEO & Analytics Tools, we have Google Webmaster Tools. Sure, the above tools are great, but none of them are specifically help to "improve" the rankings. With Webmaster Tools, you are able to track your sites progress with many of the above features and simultaneously improve these in certain areas, such as: Getting keyword density, html improvement suggestions, determining how many backlinks you have and how well you are ranking for certain keywords. It also finds mistakes on your on-site SEO and has the option to connect to your Google Analytics for even better specs.Webmaster Tools   Search Queries Pros:
  • All-in-one software for analytics, link-tracking, on-site optimization and ranking tools
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