Busy Monday? Or not Busy Enough?

Happy Monday to all those who are intrigued to dive back into their work days after a long, probably slow, weekend. I you find yourself sitting unproductively at your desk, then something is wrong. Here are several ways to get back in the game at the beginning of the week:

Follow up with your clients.
A good way to start your week is to follow up with all your possible clients, leads and partners. If you are not a service company, then see how your offline and online shops visitor rate has been so far, or simply look up the next step.
Plan the week.
Now, after touching base with your working companions, figure out what needs to be done this week. A new newsletter marketing campaign, inventory check or other possible marketing campaigns.

If you know that this Monday may be blooming in business and you have no motivation or feel like there is no purpose, here are some ways to get over it and get back to work!

  • Read a popular article on motivation: Getting things done 101
  • Drink a lot of coffee until you have too much excessive energy that doing business, calling clients, partners and potential customers may be your only option.

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