Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising On Google Still Worth It?

This is a question you might really want to ask yourself if you are doing a PPC campaign on Google, or planning to in the near future. Google PPC, also known as Adwords, is not what it used to be. Several years ago, when Adwords started getting popular, clicks use to cost 2 cents a click. Now, after a massive reign of advertisers, we are lucky if we pay $1 a click (for certain keywords). Pay-per-click has generated furious competition and is running out of space, therefor increasing the bids per click to ridiculous prices. So you got to ask yourself this, is it still worth paying that much money for? It works for several industries, obviously, because almost every industry is advertising on Google. To market on Adwords efficiently, you have to find the right, long tail keywords to maximize your budget. If you could optimize your campaign in a way, that instead of paying $5 for 5 clicks you pay $5 for 25 clicks, then YES, maybe there is hope! Subscribe or follow us on Maximus Business to soon find the internet advertising strategies you need to maximize your budget on PPC.

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